Reinstated SAT requirements: why hiring teams should care


SAT requirements for employers

Dartmouth College – an Ivy League School – stopped requiring SAT/ACT scores for its applicants during the pandemic. Now that there aren’t health concerns in taking the test anymore, the college decided to take a look at whether they should reinstate these standardized tests as a requirement.

The evidence told them to do so and that it was better for their goals as a school and better for the student applicants. They looked at all students’ test scores after they had been admitted and learned what the impact was.

What on earth does this have to do with your business or hiring practices? In an era when more and more companies and state governments are removing degree requirements, why would it matter to the talent acquisition (TA) world how colleges admit students?

Many reasons, as it happens. Let’s look at Dartmouth’s evidence and break this down.

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2 thoughts on “Reinstated SAT requirements: why hiring teams should care

  1. ““Many critics on the political left argue the tests are racially or economically biased…”

    I think they certainly can be biased, but what my comrades on the Left are missing here is that the alternatives Grades? Personal recommendations? (really?) are even worse.

    1. Agreed. Grades from teachers really mean nothing. Neither do recommendations. Tons of extra curricular means mom and dad have money.

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