Have Employers Given Up on Bringing People Back to the Office?

Employers have given up.

Trying to get people back to the office, that is. According to a panel survey by Perceptyx, the percentage of people working in remote or hybrid roles has stabilized, and so the push for a return to office has ended.

This may or may not reflect reality.

While remote work is still extremely popular among workers, the vast majority of people still work away from home. MIT researchers found that 27% of Americans were working hybrid or remotely in 2022, although they question whether that is accurate. They question whether that number could be as high as 50% if you change how you ask the questions and include the self-employed.

But even if that number is that high, it doesn’t mean employers don’t want people back in the office. In a different survey, Digital.com found people want to work from home for the reasons that bosses fear:

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2 thoughts on “Have Employers Given Up on Bringing People Back to the Office?

  1. My company tried to do a return to office three days a week and promptly gave up when many people said they would resign for that. We know have biweekly office days which are not mandatory and include catered lunches and sponsored after work activities like rock climbing, happy hours, arcade.
    We work in software development. Devs do not want to commute in traffic for no reason and we’ve been having meetings with remote teams for my whole career. There isn’t much point to bringing two or three people from one team into the office each day for face time when most of the work is independent.

    1. Yeah, it really depends on the job. What I do can be done remotely. I don’t mind going into the office even though it takes me an hour to get there on public transit, but I’m glad to have the option to work from home when I feel sniffly or the weather is bad. My company is not going to force people to go in.

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