Why Medicaid Cuts May Affect Your Business

Indiana is cutting Medicaid payments to family caregivers.

This may seem about as far from a business concern as you could have, but in fact, the opposite is true. Employees who don’t have proper caregivers for their medically complex children will find themselves under tremendous stress and pulled in multiple directions.

Jennifer Erp, a school counselor in Texas, has an adult son, Braden, who has autism and intellectual disabilities. As a school counselor and mom of a disabled child, Erp sees all sides of the issue.

She told me that Medicaid cuts to family caregivers will be devastating. “My own son doesn’t have complex medical issues, but went through approximately 14 caregivers due to his severe behaviors when he was younger,” she says. “The amount of missed work I had due to him getting asked to leave daycare centers or having babysitters quit impacted my upward mobility.”

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One thought on “Why Medicaid Cuts May Affect Your Business

  1. This starting to sound like a ploy tactic to remove a certain number of members of the workforce to force them into becoming permanent caretakers for sick relatives. This is probably a result of fraud claims made by those taking advantage of applying for the paid caretaker benefit pay by many unscrupulous individuals whose goal in life is to avoid working for a paycheck on the books if they can get paid on the dole of government benefits programs. After all 46% if not higher of able-bodied individuals get some form of government benefits permanently. Too bad the government doesn’t have effective methods to root out the fraud cases.

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