Stay Away From This Hiring ‘Hack’

Serial entrepreneur Codie Sanchez has built a pretty substantial empire, with a net worth of $17 million–all by her mid-thirties. Obviously, she’s doing something right. But just because she can make money doesn’t mean you should follow her advice in everything.

For instance, this “hack” for solving problems in your business. Sanchez recently tweeted:

“Hack that no one does?

“Interview as many smart people as you can for every job, ask them how they’d fix yoru problems.

“Free consulting.”

Shall we discuss why this hiring hack is not new and also not good? It’s immoral, unethical, and possibly illegal.
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3 thoughts on “Stay Away From This Hiring ‘Hack’

  1. I would add “slimy” to the list of why you shouldn’t do this. I have been asked exactly once to do a presentation as part of my interview. (I’m in HR). I did a presentation on emergency preparedness – something I’m passionate about, but probably doesn’t give them any free “consulting”… FWIW, I did not get that job. 🙂

  2. Awful practice. In order to apply to jobs, I’ve been asked to respond in writing to some fairly in-depth questions about how I’ve completed tasks in the past. These seemed to me to be along similar lines of the employer seeking free consulting. One job I was hired for had a test which could have been viewed as merely a test or free work that they needed done at the time.

  3. I’ve been asked to do tasks as a test when hiring. But these auditions shouldn’t take more than an hour or two tops — if so, that time should be paid.

    What I usually do when job hunting is steer people to my online portfolio — there, they can look at examples of the kinds of things I’ve done in past jobs, my indie publishing, and generic samples I worked up on my own. There’s a link to it on my resume and my resume is also on the portfolio site. I also have a very nice document I can send. But I won’t work for free. If they don’t like that, too bad.

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