Evil HR Lady: four hot takes on hot topics in HR

When I was a teenager, my mother told me I should become a senator. Why? Because of this lovely little thing called the “filibuster,” where you could just keep talking forever and stop all Senate business until you either passed out, a la Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, or the rest of the Senate gives up and gives you what you want.

Apparently, I liked to talk, and I had a lot to say – some of it ridiculous (well, in high school, most of it). But now, I think I’m a bit more educated than I was <cough> 30 <cough> years ago, with a couple of degrees (in political science, of course) and 20-plus years in the HR space

So, I’ve formed opinions in this area – including some very conversational ones. Here are my hot takes on some issues in HR.

1. Return to the office

Many CEOs want people to return to the office – at least in a hybrid fashion.

And many people hate it.

People seem to think that CEOs are running their businesses into the ground because they are micromanagers and that’s just illogical to me.

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