Non-Competes in Limbo: What Recruiters Should Watch For

The FCC recently announced the end of non-competes for all employees. Now, the chances of this going through are pretty slim. The US Chamber of Commerce filed a lawsuit in Texas less than 24 hours after the announcement, and while we won’t have the outcome of that lawsuit for a long time, it’s doubtful that the result will be a complete ban on non-compete agreements.

Regardless, the FCC’s ruling brings about a shift in the world of non-competes, especially in hiring. While most of the focus has been on how this affects individuals, recruiters are the biggest group affected by this change. After all, who cares more about non-competes?

What does it mean for recruiting? Will this free up candidates, or is it just more smoke and mirrors that won’t affect any major change?

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One thought on “Non-Competes in Limbo: What Recruiters Should Watch For

  1. There are companies in my area (Huntsville Alabama) that are notorious for their non-competes. Some are known to present them after 1 year of service, once they are sure they want to keep you, they make sure you can’t leave. It’s pretty gross and luckily 1 of the worst recently went out of business. Networking is SO important! Know people in your industry and know their working conditions! FWIW – the terrible company also stated their noncompete was covered by their NDA so employees couldn’t talk about it!

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