Rage applying: addressing the root causes, not the symptoms

Rage applying may be a new term, but the practice certainly isn’t new–even though some are claiming this is a “Gen Z phenomenon.” It’s not. It may be that Gen Z coined the term and are using it on TikTok, but it’s hardly new.

What is rage applying?

Rage applying is simply applying for jobs when you are fed up with your current job. We can probably trace it back to the Garden of Eden, where Eve got fed up with working in the garden all day, bit into an apple, and got a new job outside the garden–or left to be a stay-at-home mom. It’s hard to say.

Getting fed up with your current job isn’t new, and it won’t go away either. Technology makes it easier to find and apply for new jobs than it did in the 1900s, when you had to mail copies of your resume to people or (gasp!) hand deliver it! However, online applications have been popular for decades (even I got a job via Monster.com in 2001), making applications faster.

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