I quit!

by Evil HR Lady on March 13, 2009

Well, only temporarily.

In all actuality, I did quit my job, so technically I’m no longer an Evil HR Lady, but I hope you’ll allow me to still play one on the internet. My PHR certification is still valid, anyway.

I didn’t just quit to be lazy (ahh, laziness). I quit so that I could accompany my husband to his new job, in Switzerland. (Technically, I am legal to work there, but I’ll be too busy eating chocolate and cheese to hold down a job, don’t you think?)

The movers are coming today and they are packing up my computer. I will not see the computer again for two-three weeks. And it’s a desktop, so no I couldn’t carry it with me on the flight.

So, if you send me e-mails or comments or whatever and I don’t respond, it’s not that I don’t love you dearly, it’s that I have no internet access.

I’ll “see” you in a few weeks. Send me some interesting questions.

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