Well, only temporarily.

In all actuality, I did quit my job, so technically I’m no longer an Evil HR Lady, but I hope you’ll allow me to still play one on the internet. My PHR certification is still valid, anyway.

I didn’t just quit to be lazy (ahh, laziness). I quit so that I could accompany my husband to his new job, in Switzerland. (Technically, I am legal to work there, but I’ll be too busy eating chocolate and cheese to hold down a job, don’t you think?)

The movers are coming today and they are packing up my computer. I will not see the computer again for two-three weeks. And it’s a desktop, so no I couldn’t carry it with me on the flight.

So, if you send me e-mails or comments or whatever and I don’t respond, it’s not that I don’t love you dearly, it’s that I have no internet access.

I’ll “see” you in a few weeks. Send me some interesting questions.

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30 thoughts on “I quit!

  1. What a great journey … for both you and the family. I will miss your wit and wisdom and look forward to you getting back on the blog! 🙂 Best Wishes!

  2. Wow, exciting! This means that you’ll have more time to write interesting and funny posts, right?

  3. Good Luck!!

    Off course I’ll be staying tuned to your blog for more Evil Posts 😉

  4. Congratulations and enjoy! We will be waiting to hear from you. Will this give you time to learn how to yodel?

  5. So you’re saying telecommuting wasn’t an option? ;-P

    Have a safe journey, Switzerland is going to be gorgeous this time of year!!!

  6. Congratulations! I hope this opportunity provides all the happiness you and your family deserve!

  7. In which region will you be? I’m just trying to figure out if you’ll have to defend yourself (for being an American) in French, German or Italian 🙂

    I’ll look forward to interesting takes on what creative things the EU does in HR….

  8. Looking forward to your posts from Switzerland.

    What a wonderful opportunity for you and your family!

    (after the unpacking, that is)

    Lois Gory

  9. Have fun. If you get a job while you’re there it will be great to hear about Swiss HR.

  10. Awesome, how unbelievebly wonderful will that be for you and your family? My advice – travel, travel, travel and see everything you can.

  11. so if a non-hr employee quit work to go to Europe I’m sure a year long gap in their resume would be no big deal to you HR types, right?

  12. Too busy eating choc and cheese? No, you’ll be too busy cleaning and choreographing your own movements to fit in with everyone else.

  13. I’m totally jealous and will miss you terribly. Thanks for your candor and we’ll see you on the other side.

    Swiss HR intrigues me. I try to be Switzerland in HR, but the truth is, I know who I work for.

  14. how do I get your job (the chocolate and cheese part). Have a great time!


  15. Good luck. This would be also a great opportunity to dive into more international HR topics – particularly for global companies dealing with and managing through cultural differences.

  16. AWESOME FUN! Congrats!

    Am I the only one that caught that you did QUIT on Friday the 13th (as opposed to April 1 :p).

    Very happy for you – enjoy your time overseas… it will be cool to see if your posts have a more international flavor to them!

  17. Soon you’ll be able to just stay in Switzerland as Europe and the US become indistinguishable. Switzerland might still have better chocolate, however.

  18. Congratulations on the move and good luck!

    Do try some glacier skiing in the springtime.

  19. That is great that you are moving! I think it is wonderful to experience something new!

  20. Congratulations and good luck! Hehe. Just stopping by from Clevealnd, OH.

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