I’m exempt but my boss tracks me every minute

by Evil HR Lady on November 23, 2011

Dear Evil HR Lady,

My colleagues and I are all salaried exempt employees. We are not people managers; we are project managers, even though that is not what we are called. Recently, there has been what I like to call “Much Ado About Hours” throughout our office, and especially in our department. Our manager has always kept track of days we are out of the office (vacation days, sick days, etc.). Now she is keeping track of what time we arrive, what time we leave, how long we take for lunch, etc., and she frequently brings the issue of “people not working their hours” up in meetings. We aren’t talking about major absences — maybe just someone arriving 15-30 minutes late or someone else leaving 15-30 minutes early. 

During our busy months, I would guess that we average 45-50 hours per week, usually work through lunch and occasionally spend our weekends (with no comp time) for company travel. We are all good workers who manage our projects effectively with very little slacking.The office just moved 20 miles away, which makes for a longer commute for everyone.

As exempt employees, haven’t we earned a little flexibility in our schedules? By tracking our hours in this manner, isn’t our boss treating us like non-exempt employees? And if so, is there anything we can do about it? Certainly I can speak with her about this and I am happy to do so, but I would like to be able to back up my feelings with facts and figures; feelings alone will get me nowhere.

I appreciate any insight you can provide.

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