How to switch from hourly to salaried work

by Evil HR Lady on April 2, 2012

Dear Evil HR Lady,

I have 30 years of experience in high-tech marketing — all of it “exempt.” I changed career fields to work for a nonprofit. I took the only job I could find, an administrative assistant’s position. It was nonexempt. As soon as a marketing position came open I applied and was advanced to a marketing associate’s position. It is still classified as nonexempt, but I am really functioning in a professional, individual contributor capacity. I write large amounts of content for the organization’s site, facilitate a group of people who do all the social media posting, and edit various grant-making documents. I make $42,000 a year. Can I ask to have my job content reviewed for reclassification to exempt status without causing a major problem for my boss and the foundation at large?

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