How to fire a friend

by Evil HR Lady on November 23, 2013

Sooner or later, as a business owner, you’ll have to fire someone. Sometimes it’s easy: When you catch someone trying to force a company copy machine into the trunk of his car, it’s really easy to say, “You’re fired!” Most of the other times, ┬áit’s not that easy. In fact, it’s really hard.

And sometimes the people you fire are your friends, or friends of people in your office. I received this email from the human resources manager of a small business. She wrote:

I am the HR person–as well head of all things admin–at a small nonprofit. We have a new executive director, and he plans to fire a colleague who I’ve socialized with quite often. I agree that he is justified in firing her: she is certainly not a stellar employee, and has been warned before; and as a manager, I’ve fired people like her. He has never fired anyone before, and I am going to give him some advice. One piece of advice I would normally give is to have a second person in the room–but in this case, I am the only obvious second person, and I am concerned that my presence will hurt more than it will help. What do you advise? For anyone conducting a firing meeting alone, what is your advice for lawsuit avoidance?


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