Can the Employer Legally Cut an Employee’s Pay?

I was working as a dental hygienist in a dental office. I was getting paid $28 an hour. I found another job that is full time and giving me all my hours so I let my boss know that I found another job.

So when I went to pick up my last pay stub she had changed my hourly rate to minimum wage $8 an hour. I worked 47 hours, so basically I worked for free. I never signed anything and my last two pay stubs have my hourly rate on them.

To read the answer, click here: Can the Employer Legally Cut an Employee’s Pay?

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8 thoughts on “Can the Employer Legally Cut an Employee’s Pay?

  1. Very informative post. I had no idea it was completely illegal to cut pay without informing the employee. Though really, I didn’t think people would do that in the first place! Thanks for sharing.

  2. My previous employer cavalierly imposed a 20% pay cut upon all staff ( no heads-up, no negotiation ) twice within a 2 year time span. I finally had a major blow-out with upper management ( it’s a family-owned business anyway. Go figure ) and was let go.
    They probably felt a level of guilt so they kept things “kosher” on the surface.

  3. Many years ago a legal but still nasty version of this happened to my wife Jessica here in the US.

    She worked in a branch office and one day a corporate bigwig parked right out front in his shiny brand new European sports car with built-in mobile phone and built in fax machine. He entered the office wearing a bespoke suit and his normal custom shoes over his deep tan and proceeded to tell everybody that they would be getting a pay cut. Jessica was pissed and asked if he was getting a pay cut too and he gave a weasel answer that meant no.

    So yes it was legal, but it was done in such a bad way.

    1. On another occasion, I was laid off by another employer claiming financial difficulties ( again ). On my way out I noticed pretty much everyone in upper management were getting new company cars ( BMWs, full-size SUVs ). “Postal” came to mind, still does.

  4. I can’t believe employers have the gall to do this!

    Then again my SO’s paychecks from a former employer bounced a few times. He got in the routine of going to the employer’s bank first thing Saturday morning, cashing the paycheck, and then depositing it in his bank account immediately. And of course he got a new job soon after that!

  5. My employer cut my wages from $7.75 an hour to $7.00 an hour without my knowledge, is it legal to do that in Missouri? And is there anything i can do about it? I think it’s bulls**t.

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