How to Get Consistent Performance from Employees

by Evil HR Lady on April 14, 2016

Some days are awesome, and some are awful. Some employees regularly knock it out of the park and others are in a perpetual slump. What you need, as a manager is employees that deliver consistent, high-quality performance.

While you can never have every day perfect (after all, you’re dealing with humans who get bad colds and who have fights with their husbands), you can get more consistent performance if you plan and prepare well. Here’s how.

Emulate the Pharmacists

Pharmacists are famous for delivering quality care to every person. If you come in on a Tuesday and speak to Pharmacist Jane, and then come back on Thursday and speak to Pharmacist John, both will know your condition, which medications you’re on and who your doctors are. Why? Because they document the heck out of everything.

Pharmacies can provide consistent care because they have consistent record keeping, and all pharmacists can access everyone else’s work. (Within the company, of course. Your CVS pharmacist can’t look up what a Walgreen’s pharmacist wrote.)

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