Corporate Team Building Activities that Actually Build Teams

by Evil HR Lady on October 12, 2017

“Hi! I’m Heidi, your Team Building Trainer! We’re here to do some corporate team building activities! So, everyone pick a partner — someone you don’t know!”

Are you rolling your eyeballs, sighing, and not-so-secretly wishing your kid’s school calls to tell you you have to come pick up your child? Because let’s face it, many team building activities seem to be led by people who don’t actually have any work to do and don’t really understand how to do work with others. Sick kids are preferable to this kind of team building.

But strong teams are a good thing, so here are five corporate team building activities that actually work (and are even fun, for most people).

To read about the activities (including my favorite, PowerPoint Karaoke), click here:  Corporate Team Building Activities that Actually Build Teams

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