Lessons from a Zip Line Failure

by Evil HR Lady on August 4, 2019

I learned something about myself yesterday when I got trapped in the middle of a zipline and had to be rescued by a very kind young employee.

My children asked to go to a ropes park up in the mountains. It’s gorgeous, it’s nearby, and I thought it was a fabulous idea, right up until the point where I learned that children under 13 have to be accompanied by an adult at all times. My youngest is 11, so that meant that I would be climbing ropes and sailing along zip lines myself. 

No worries. Right?

Wrong. While the offspring were like rope climbing mountain goats, my wimpy nature and complete lack of upper body strength got the best of me. 

See, I’m also a little bit (okay, a lot) on the fluffy side (thanks SSRIs!). This means that on a zip line, I can get up to a tremendous speed. My desire not to smack into a tree was so strong that I used my gloved hands to brake. I was a little too effective with the braking and didn’t end up with enough momentum to get to the platform. I tried to pull myself along with my wimpy old lady arms and finally lost my grip and went back to the center of the rope. Stuck.

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