Ellen’s “Generous” Benefits Package to Make up for a Toxic Workplace

by Evil HR Lady on August 24, 2020

Ellen DeGeneres is nice. Of course, she is. It’s her persona. She’s always doing nice things for people and she is so personable and funny. It stands to reason that her staff loves her just as much as her fans do.

But, that isn’t what’s been in the news lately. There have been multiple complaints of a “toxic” workplace, with three producers fired for their bad behavior. There is all sorts of stuff about internal investigations and the like, as well.

But, this is what caught my eye: the resolution.

Staffers will receive five paid days off to use at their discretion, birthdays off, and paid time for doctors’ appointments and family matters, one source familiar with the series toldĀ Variety.

DeGeneres has an estimated net worth of $490 million and receives a salary of $75 million, and the resolution was five days of vacation (extra, I hope!) and paid time off for doctor’s appointments?

Granted, the employees don’t work for DeGeneres directly, but for the production company, but couldn’t she settle for, say $74 million a year (give up those avocado toasts and lattes, and you can make it work!) and give better perks to the staff, without whom there would be no show?

Yes, I understand how the market works. There are far more people who want to work on such a show than there are positions, so pay and benefits don’t have to be high to attract candidates. But, when you’ve been so blessed, you should be looking out for your staff. (This isn’t limited to Hollywood complaints–Jeff Bezos, I’m looking at you.)

Don’t tell me how much you love and appreciate your staff when they haven’t had paid time off for doctors’ appointments and the business can afford it. (There are certainly many businesses–especially now–that operate at the edge and have trouble meeting payroll. I’m not talking about these companies.)

Remove toxic people, especially toxic managers, from your staff, and pay your people well and give them the time off they deserve. It should be common sense.

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