What to Do When Your Employee Brings up Mental Health

by Evil HR Lady on September 18, 2020

Last week, I was sitting outside at a restaurant on a busy foot-traffic-only street. One of my teen’s friends walked by and stopped to chat. She was with a group of other friends. I mentioned how sad my daughter was that they had had to cancel their lunch date earlier in the week. She apologized and said, “I know. I forgot I had a psych appointment.”

None of her friends reacted nervous or upset to find out that their friend met with a psychiatrist. I’m pretty sure they already knew, and they didn’t care.

While mental health was a taboo subject in the past, it’s less so now. This means that your employees are likely to bring up their mental health struggles, and you need to be prepared to talk about it.

The Wall Street Journal¬†asked when it’s okay to reveal to your boss that you’re having mental health problems. Their expert,¬†Jill Hooley, a psychology professor at Harvard University, says that she is “leery” of having her patients speak to their bosses.

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