How to Prepare Your Team for the Day After the Election

by Evil HR Lady on November 3, 2020

I don’t know whether Donald Trump will be re-elected or if Joe Biden will be our next president, but I do know that there will be much rejoicing and much weeping no matter who wins. It’s just that the rejoicers and the weepers will change places.

You need to prepare for the day after and plan for a win on either side. Here are some ideas to get you going.

Your office has Trump and Biden supporters.

While I can’t guarantee this is the case in small offices, you likely have both. You may think that everyone agrees with you–but that’s because people are often unwilling to voice their opinion if they think it will cause problems. If the boss is vocally pro-one candidate, wise employees on the other side keep their mouths shut. This means everyone will not share your planned celebration or mourning in the office. Don’t punish or berate an employee who is happy when you’re sad or vice versa.

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NOTE: This article is about handling the office in a time of turmoil, not about your preferred candidate. Thank for keeping Evil HR Lady a politics free zone.

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