And You Think You Have Employee Problems

The Richmond Times Dispatch reports:

Roughly half of all sexual impropriety reported in U.S. prisons and jails last year was perpetrated by correctional staff, not inmates.

Great. And it turns out that female staff were the offenders in 2/3 of the cases. Hmmm, not what one would expect. The article is interesting and reminds me of two things. 1. I do not wish to go to prison, ever. 2. I do not wish to work in a prison, ever. As if I needed reminding.

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2 thoughts on “And You Think You Have Employee Problems

  1. Hi Evil HR Lady! I found you from Etiquette Hell, and I really like your blog so far.

    Im with you on not wanting to work in a prison or be in a prison. Its hard to imagine, as a female, having interest in harassing prison inmates, but it never ceases to amaze me what a woman with no self esteem will do for attention from a man. Usually any man. Im sure a lot the women who work in prisons might not have had the best lives, and are thus, attracted to the wrong kind of man.

  2. Why is that so hard to imagine?
    I don’t see why one would assume it’s weak-kneed women who are only goaded on by men setting their hearts a-flutter.

    Women have the same capacity for selfishness and cruelty as men. They are just as capable as men of falling into a pack mentality in stressful situations.

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