Dear Evil One,

I notice that top-level management types are always “moving on to other challenges.” Is this just a euphemism for fired? Are there any signs to tell us low-level types that the old boss really did get a swell new opportunity or that we better start to worry about our own jobs?



Dear Clueless

Are you actually accusing those company-wide e-mails about how sad we are by Sr. VP’s departure or (frequently) his/her decision to take early retirement of being intentionally misleading? I am shocked! Companies would never be misleading about personnel changes! Never!

Or perahps I should re-write that as “Yes, they probably were fired” or as we HR types like to say, “Transitioned out of the organization.” As for whether your job is in jeopardy or not, that’s impossible to tell. Are you a slacker? Did your company just get raided by the FBI? Did you alienate your co-workers by sucking up to the now fired boss? Is one of those alienated co-workers your new boss? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then polish up that old resume. If not, don’t panic yet, but polish up that old resume! Resumes can always take more polish.

And, FYI, even if you did suck up to your previous boss she probably can’t take you with her if it was a company initiated term. That’s something companies want you to sign away your right to do in exchange for those golden parachutes you hear so much about. Of course, you’d be free to find out where the old boss went and approach her, but she can’t contact you.


Evil HR Lady

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