I received an update from our Over-managed friend. She writes:

Evil HR lady, my micromanaging boss has flipped his lid, apparently. We are incredibly short-handed right now and in desperate need of at least 5 new employees for various positions, from an engineer to a project manager to an inspector. Well, our corporate office put an ad in the paper for new people, and my crazy boss became convinced that we had gone behind his back and put the ad in the paper without consulting him. So as we have been transferring calls to him from people looking for jobs, he has been telling them that the ad was a mistake and that we aren’t hiring and don’t need anyone right now. This is while he is working 20 hours a day covering all these jobs because we don’t have enough people, and then complaining the whole time that “we don’t know how bad it is”. Have I mentioned that I work for the dumbest company ever? I am going to be so glad to leave this job.

I don’t have any HR wisdom to impart, but I did laugh about this.

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