A while back, a Pie Eater asked a question on when to speak to a manager. I advised our pie eating friend that a manager would want to know about goofy employees who didn’t behave properly with whipped cream.

I’m so pleased that Miss Manners agrees with me. Granted, her question wasn’t about pie, but about a rude cashier. Her Advice: (may require registration–sorry!)

This is not to match or outdo the offender with a counterattack, but to report the incident to the manager. It would have relieved your indignation, and a conscientious manager would want to know why the business is losing a customer. And you should leave your speculations about mental health out of it.

So there, gentle readers, let management know.

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One thought on “Vindication

  1. Great advice. I love Mrs. Manners (and Dear Abby and Pruduence as well, but I digress). I wish people would simply tell a manger about bad customer service instead of complaining to their friends or anyone else that will listen. It gets so much more done, and saves the people that come after you from the same horrible experience.

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