You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out!

There’s always at least one thing to surprise you when you get married. Sure, you may think you know the person, but there will be something lurking in their family that your beloved just didn’t want to share until it was too late. In my case, it was Evil Marketing Man’s family tradition of watching A Christmas Story repeatedly on Christmas day.

Well, part of the tradition is everybody but my Father-in-Law complaining about having to watch it over, and over again. So, now it’s grown on me. And now I wish I had thought of this: A budding entrepreneur bought the house used in “A Christmas Story’s” outside shots and redid the inside to look like the house in the movie.

And now it’s a tourist destination. Brilliant. And enough to make me almost want to visit Cleveland.

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3 thoughts on “You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out!

  1. And don’t forget that you can buy this:
    Leg Lamp

    The tourist destination is a great idea – it’s a tradition for many people. I’ve actually only seen it once, and within the past couple of years, too.

  2. That’s too funny that you watch that movie repeatedly every year. Last year I watched it with the kids–I hadn’t seen it in ages.

  3. You know, my Father-in-law is so excited about this he’s actually contemplating a trip to Cleveland. (He’s retired so he has a bit of freedom.) Perhaps I should get him the leg lamp for Christmas.

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