How to Gain the Eternal Love of the Evil HR Lady

In January my job share partner and I did a ton of work on a huge project for people in a different department. (Still HR, but not my department.) It was complicated, technical and critical and everything went well. Yippee! The other department people were wonderful and worked hard as well. We thought highly of them at the time.

Now, we love them. Why? As a thank you they sent us Ghirardelli Tower. One to each of us. At our homes, so we didn’t even have to share with our co-workers.

Now we’ll always put their requests first. Did I mention we love them?

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2 thoughts on “How to Gain the Eternal Love of the Evil HR Lady

  1. i keep trying to tell people i’m completely bribe-able. but they don’t seem to believe me. a chocolate tower sounds fabulous!

    all the best!

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