Jet Blue messed up in a big way. With last week’s ice storm, instead of canceling flights, they loaded up planes and stuck people on the runway–hoping the storm would break. It didn’t and people were stuck for hours and hours and hours.

Just thinking about the horror of it all makes me queasy.

But, their CEO is recognizing that the problem wasn’t the weather and it wasn’t air traffic control and it certainly wasn’t impatient passengers. It was Jet Blue.

David G. Neeleman said in a telephone interview yesterday that his company’s management was not strong enough. And he said the current crisis, which has led to about 1,000 canceled flights in five days, was the result of a shoestring communications system that left pilots and flight attendants in the dark, and an undersize reservation system…
…Mr. Neeleman said that throughout the chain of events, he had overestimated JetBlue’s ability to find people and get them into position.

He’s identified the problem and is going to go forth to fix it.

We’ll see how well it works. It’s almost March, so paralyzing winter storms are hopefully on they way out.

I’m impressed that the CEO is taking responsibility and acting to fix the problem. Let’s see if it works.

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4 thoughts on “Taking Responsibility

  1. Yes, Arizona is the place to be. We’re walking to the park to celebrate President’s day.

    We’ve heard of this thing called “winter” but we don’t quite understand how it works.

  2. tabitharuth, you are no longer my friend.

    Well, maybe you can do something to make ammends, like sending wool socks or something.

  3. Evil One, your curses must have worked–it is now cold and raining. Of course rain is such a novelty that we are all playing in it.

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