I was in Junior High in 1987. So, even though I’ve always been an evil genius, I wasn’t in HR yet.

However, that didn’t stop me from getting the phone call from our company’s legal department. We were being sued. For what, I don’t know (I don’t ask–the less I know, the less likely I am to be subpoenaed and my main goal is to stay out of court). But, they wanted to know the name of the sales rep that had called on a particular client in 1987.

Hmmm, as I said, I was in Junior High in 1987. I was busy having bad hair and big teeth and generally being, well, 14. (Incidentally, I was awarded the Social Studies Student of the Year award in 1987, so it was a banner year.)

I do have access to our company’s now defunct HRIS. It goes back to 1990. I called a colleague who has access to the Sales Calls system–it goes back to the mid 1990s.

I provided a list of employees who were active in 1987 and whose territory in 1990 was in the same state as the client in question.

Given that they find the right sales rep, what is he going to say, “Ummm, 1987–ummm, did I work for [big company] that year? Ummm, I did? Okay.”

All I know is if the lawsuit proceeds along the same line as Scooter Libby’s trial, the sales rep better have good notes.

Bizarre. And the more I think about it, the more I want to know what the lawsuit is about. But, as I said, I’m not asking because I don’t want enough knowledge to land me in a witness chair. My memories of 1987 are limited to what boy I had a crush on (Dan), and who my best friend was (too unique of a name to actually put in a blog) and the song “Sincerely” which we sang in Glee Club. Other than that, I’m not saying a word.

Bizarre. I am curious as to what the lawsuit is all about. But, I’m not going to ask.

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5 thoughts on “1987

  1. We’re almost the same age!

    I hate it when you know that satisfying curiousity means that you’ll become a eligible to be called to court. Ick.

  2. Well, gosh, why didn’t you just post your birth year in your birthday column? =)

    FHL is 3 years older than you. =P

  3. jon–I didn’t because I wanted I wanted to prove to people that you do use math after you finish school!

  4. Wow…don’t remind me out subpoenas. I just had a fairly lengthy wrongful termination mediation. Unfriendly

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