See, that little dot on the bottom at the left? That’s my salary compared to what I should be making. I need a raise!

I went to and had my salary evaluated.

You put in your title and it asks questions about your company size, what titles are comparable, your benefits and education, along with your current salary. Then it comes back with a salary range for your job along with where you sit.

It works by taking information from you and then putting it all together to spit back out to someone else. The more people that use it, the better off you are.

The one flaw was that while it asked how many hours you work (I work 20), it didn’t calculate my full time equivalent salary (which would have been easy–salary*2). So, on my final chart, it showed me way at the bottom. If you truly do calculate the total salary of my job share partner and me, we’re making more than anybody else who has written in. How on earth can I whine about my salary now?

Truth be told, I’m not sure how good a fit the job title I have listed is with what I really do. I’ve never met anyone else in all of HR that does what we do. And we have skills that are difficult to find and super-de-duper critical to our responsibilities. Hmmm, maybe I am underpaid after all.

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3 thoughts on “I Am So Underpaid

  1. Dagnabbit, I’m way overpaid! =( (Like, 50% more than my peers.)

    I agree – I couldn’t find an exact match on my job title. I went with what seemed closest.

    It’s sort of depressing, because I really don’t like working here, but if I can’t make this much somewhere else… I may have to stay. Yuck!

  2. i really wish i hadn’t just looked at that.

    of course, if i figured in the number of hours i work, i’d really get depressed.

    all the best!

  3. I actually think that until this site has been up and running a long time you are going to find that salaries are on the low end. Why? Because if you are fabulously paid you aren’t traipsing around the internet trying to find proof of why you should be paid more than you are now.

    And because this site gathers its data from the users–rather than salary surveys–you’re going to have a bias on the low salary side.

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