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Diagnosis: Buckle Fracture. 1.5 weeks before leaving for Disney World. Poor Offspring. It happened while she was (theoretically) watching television. I was cleaning the bathroom.

Lesson from this? I should not do housework.

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8 thoughts on “Boom! Again

  1. Poor offspring! Not to sound uncaring, but how can you use this to your advantage at Disney World? I’m sure you could get to the front of some lines – right?

  2. I’m with Jen. Keep asking my mom’s favorite question: “What good can we make of this?”

  3. I’ll see what we can do. Offspring was very disappointed that she didn’t get crutches. I had to explain that she’d broken and arm and you only get crutches when you break a leg.


  4. I am unable to view the picture either but can just imagine. Have a great time at Disney!

  5. i hate to sound like a wicked witch (wait! actually, i don’t mind that at all)…..

    but my first thought was what jen said. “great! look at the people at disney with sad eyes and get in the short lines!” i think it works better if you have a broken leg or something though. maybe you should do more housework. (kidding!)

    seriously, though….standing in long lines with a hot, heavy cast on your arm? i don’t think so. first thing, when you get there, ask one of the “cast members” for assistance and find out what might be done.

    good luck!
    all the best!

  6. Fortunately, her cast is not only waterproof–it’s light weight. Although, maybe we can get some sympathy!

  7. Thanks for the fix Evilhr.

    No neon pink cast? Hope little Evil heals soon. Can’t wait to hear stories from Disney World.

    P.S. Buy robots…then you don’t have to do as much housework. 😉

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