Attracts Chickadees, Grossbeaks and Juncos

We have a bird feeder on our back porch. I just noticed that the bird seed I buy says it attracts the above birds.

I don’t have any idea what a Grossbeak or Junco is. (I know, I know, Google is my friend, but I don’t feel like it.) So, my question is, do I really want to attract these birds. That is, apparently, what I am attracting based on my decision to purchase this type of birdseed.

Yesterday I went to a seminar that included a section on Corporate Branding. Not a “Hey, Sprite is good to drink” type of branding, but “Coca-cola is a great company to work for” type of branding. (That wasn’t the example in the seminar, by the way. I have no idea if Coca-Cola is a good company to work for. I just know I don’t need all that available sugar in all my meetings.)

Anyway, are you branding your company to attract the kinds of birds–um, applicants–you want, or did you just buy the cheapest bag? Do you keep stamping your foot and saying, “Why do I always get resumes from Juncos? I don’t want more Juncos. I want Peacocks!” (You don’t, by the way, they are noisy.) Well, what birdseed are you using?

And just because I couldn’t stand it any more, here is a Junco.

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One thought on “Attracts Chickadees, Grossbeaks and Juncos

  1. I’m not in HR at all, but I do have birdfeeders and for the first time in my life we are getting cute birds in our yard and it was because I finally understood the principle you discuss.

    We were getting lots of juncos, but they apparently migrate farther north for the summer. Right now we’re getting black-capped chickadess, cardinals, goldfinches and house finches and we all find it incredibly exciting in my household! We put out a bird bath which attracted a pretty pair of morning doves. We’ve also planted some perennials that claim to attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

    ps We have 3 feeders: 1 = safflower seed, 2 = thistle seed. We had black-hulled sunflower seeds for a while, but the squirrels would eat 3 pounds in a day, whereas they don’t touch the thistle and safflower seeds.

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