People are Doing My Bidding

Yeah! I’m so excited, I can hardly stand it. Our friend at Ask a Manager has posted What Does a Good Cover Letter Look Like”.

I have never been very good at cover letters (and frankly, I’ve never really seen a great one before today), so I’ve been begging. And she did it.

Go read it. Now–or at least before you send in your next resume.

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4 thoughts on “People are Doing My Bidding

  1. Loved the post. My son is in his last year of college, but starting to look for intern positions. I am going to tell him to review the site.


  2. Hey this probably isn’t the right place to post a question for advice, so I apologize for putting it here. I am a male and have a graduate degree in HR, but have been getting looked over for positions that are going to females with less experience and sometimes no degree. I was wondering does a male have a harder time getting into HR or am I just being paranoid from the rejection.

  3. Love the cover letter. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one this good in real life. Gotta agree w/ Lisa – a keeper indeed.

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