Keeping on the me theme, I got tagged twice, in the same day, for the same thing. It’s a sign. Gautam Ghosh and Lesboprof both tagged me to play 8 Random things about me. Now, previously I did a meme on 5 things about me. So altogether you’ll know 13 things about me, which is probably far too many. But, here it goes.

1. I lost 38 pounds last summer at Weight Watchers. I even did a podcast about my weight lost with Anna Farmery at the Middle Aged show. I was hesitant to post it because I got all freaked out about admitting that I was once fat. But I’m not fat any more. So there.

2. My husband has a google account and occassionally he uses my computer, logging me out and logging himself in. I then make a comment on a blog and it comes up under his name instead of mine. Oops! So then I have to delete the comment and make another comment under my own name, but I know the owner of the blog gets an e-mail with his name on it. So, if you’ve ever gotten two e-mails in a row that are identical and the second is from Evil HR Lady, you know my husband’s first name! Please keep it a secret.

3. I teach the adult Sunday School class at church and I love it with a passion. If only I could get paid for such a thing.

4. My husband and I are Geocachers. This is a great hobby although it always results in excessive whining from the Offspring who prefers not to be dragged through the woods. It is so difficult being a child.

5. I eat soup for lunch when I’m in the office.

6. I buy most of my clothes at a thrift store. I am frequently complemented on my outfits and I love to say, “I got this for $2 at the thrift store!”

7. I’m totally addicted to medical blogs. Totally. Especially emergency room ones. I could never be in medicine though–too wimpy.

8. My job share partner is having a baby this month, which means for 12 weeks I’ll be all alone in my job and I’ll have to work more hours. I plan to hire a cleaning service to compensate for the extra time I’m going to be spending working.

So, there are my 8 things. Now I will tag 8 other bloggers, some of whom may not even know I exist, but I know they exist. Ask a Manager, Fat Doctor, Anna Farmery, ERNursey, Rowan Manahan, Wally Bock, Dr. Helen, and last, but not least, ExecuPundit.

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8 thoughts on “8 Random Things

  1. I love thrift shops, too! The Junior League thrift shop is one of the best, although the Episcopal ladies usually run a pretty good operation, too.

    My former boyfriend couldn’t understand why I would tell other women where I had bought my clothes and how much (or how little) I had paid for them. But it’s the thrill of the hunt — not only are you good enough to find neat clothes, you are smart enough not to pay retail!

  2. Tagged and response posted!

    Hey didn’t know that I caused you such heartache on Middle Age Shed – you should be proud of your achievement.

  3. Class-factotum–isn’t it amazing what you can find if you are willing to dig? On Sunday the most expensive part of my outfit was my shoes I got from Wal-Mart for $9. And I was wearing an Anne Taylor blouse and a Talbots skirt.

    Anna–you didn’t traumatize me. After I did the podcast (Which was great fun, of course) I started to wonder if I wanted something that personnal out there. But, the more I’ve thought about it the more I realize that weight is something that so many of us struggle with. I wouldn’t have done it without my friend pushing me, so if I can help someone else, that’s great.

    Mel G–heh. Interesting distinction?

    Rowan–Glad I scared you. I’m hoping on over to read your post now.

  4. Dear EHRL,

    Thanks for the tag. After checking on the statute of limitations, I’ve posted some carefully worded items that I hope will never emerge in my future presidential campaign.

  5. My town is a mecca for cool consignment shops. I buy all my clothes in them. (Except for underwear—we must have standards!)

    When someone compliments my outfit I love saying, “Thanks, I got this in a thrift shop.”

    And I ADORE their faintly shocked expressions and forced smiles.

  6. working girl–exactly. Although I don’t buy shoes either. Because you can’t throw shoes in the washing machine I can’t ever feel comfortable about used shoes.

    I was tempted, but refrained from buying some vintage slips at the thrift store. They were beautiful and looked more like something you’d want to display rather than wear under your dress. Since I can’t imagine displaying a slip in my living room, I passed them up.

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