Dear Evil HR Lady,

I have a simple question for you. I responded to an ad for a paralegal and fortunately I received a phone call from the HR manager. He asked a few questions and then he wanted to schedule an interview for the next day. I explained that I was not available that day but that I would be available the following week ( he wanted to interview on Friday). Anyway he said he would have to check with the attorney’s schedules and that he would call me back I have not received a call yet. Should I be worried? It has only been two days. Thank you for your time.

PS. I did not want to call him because I thought I would look desperate. I am really interested in this position.

Two days is nothing to worry about. Scheduling interviews is darn hard–coordinating schedules can be a nightmare. Give it a week. You are right not to look desperate–but you want to look interested. How to do this precisely, I do not know.

I think this is my shortest answer ever!

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  1. Send a short written thank you note to the HR person. Tell him/her that you enjoyed chatting and you appreciate their effort to schedule an interview for you.

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