I’ve had to turn on the word verification. I hate the word verification.

But, I’m spending more and more time deleting spam comments. Hopefully this will help.

And now a word for my spammers. You aren’t very bright with your spam. Your grammar is terrible. And, furthermore, every time a comment gets posted to my blog, I get an e-mail, so then I go in and delete the comment.

It’s annoying, and unless you happen to be lucky enough to post one of your spam comments while I’m at the grocery story, they don’t stay up long enough for anyone to read them.

I hate spam. Although I like this Weird Al Song

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3 thoughts on “A Thousand Pardons

  1. Totally LOL! I feel exactly the same way about spammers (bad grammer, etc.) – keep speaking the truth!

  2. Dear EHR:

    Argh! (that was actually empathy).

    Just had to do the same thing due to the crazy spam, deleting, etc.

    However, I didn’t get anything from Weird Al. Am clearly not on the spammers A-list 🙂

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