Exceedingly Poor Judgment

I’ve seen enough in my life to believe that this is true. Sometimes people can exercise such poor judgment you almost feel sorry for them–after all, being that stupid must hurt at least a little. Plus, the lawsuit payout…

She said that the medical director called her into a meeting and informed her, in front of witnesses, that she is too old and ugly to work at their hospital. He explained it’s about marketing, and that the hospital is updating its image. He said that only young, beautiful nurses would be allowed to work at the hospital. He also said that patients want beautiful nurses taking care of them, so she had to go. She was shown the door after thirty years of faithful service to the hospital.

I know that when I was in the hospital, I wasn’t thinking about what the nurses looked like.

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One thought on “Exceedingly Poor Judgment

  1. OMG. Just, um, yeah. That is crazy. Reminds me of a time when a VP asked me if we could discipline an employee because he was obese. I laughed because I thought he was kidding. He wasn’t. I think I will have to blog about that one this weekend…

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