This Person Will Be Sending You His Resume Shortly

From Fat Doctor:

PaniniFreak emailed me that the secretary at the high school where she teaches got a panicky call from a parent this afternoon.

The mom wanted to know who would clear the freshly-fallen snow from her son’s windshield before he came home.

I kid you not.

This mother will also accompany him on the interview and do the follow up herself. Then she will call you back and demand to know why he didn’t get the job.

This is one of the reasons I don’t do recruiting.

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11 thoughts on “This Person Will Be Sending You His Resume Shortly

  1. I don’t mind recruiting. I just don’t allow parents to attend the interview and I refuse to call them back 😉

  2. I had tor read that quote several times because my brain could not understand what the woman was asking.

    Once I finally realized what she was asking I wanted to hurt my brain for figuring that out.

  3. I’m pretty sure I’ve been told off by that woman for declining her child for a job. 😉

  4. just another hr lady–you are so mean! Why didn’t you hire him? After all, he has such a great mother!

  5. Yeah, I don’t know what you were thinking? I mean, if was late, you could just call his mom! And instead of having annual performance reviews you could have Parent-Manager-Conferences.

    You missed out on a great opportunity!

  6. Parent-Manager Conferences? Great! And the young ones can post their work on the bulletin board.

  7. Exactly! Then we’ll start in on the whole social promotion thing.

    “Mrs. Jones, Billy isn’t performing up to the same standards as the other 35 year olds. However, we’re going to promote him to manager anyway.”

  8. Reminds me of the parent who emailed “my colleague” H. Rassist [note: general email box was HRAssist] to please forward an application to his son so he could apply for a job with us (and yes, we had an online recruiting system). Parent also happily noted his son’s experience in sound production, and we were a publishing company.

  9. I have actually had parents (plural, more than one occurance) request to come into the interview room with me. Instead, I asked them to go sit with our creep security guard. This was at a not-for-profit, city run agency, of course.

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