Hello Evil One.
I am leaving my company because of my HR department. The HR Mgr. has been sleeping with our boss for at least 4 years. I work for a private company that has a very impressive clientele. The worst part is that the HR Mgr. has only 50 employees to tend to, yet she needed an assistant. Her assistant is 28 years old and has little to no experience. The assistant has caught on to the devious tricks of claim denials, endless lunch hours and inappropriate language. The boss is letting the place get ghetto and we are all at his mercy. The tricky part is that I have a good standing with the boss’s wife, should I confront her about this?

Let me tell you a little story. When I was about 8 we lived next door to a man named Joe. Joe smoked. Now, in church and in school I had learned about the evils of smoking. God didn’t want us to smoke and further more the Surgeon General (whatever that was) had determined that smoking was hazardous to one’s health! Wow! Joe must not know this.

So, with the zeal only found in 8 year olds, I determined to tell him. After all, the only logical reason he could still be smoking was that no one had told him. I had only just learned about the Surgeon General’s determination, so it made sense to me that someone not in the second grade would not have learned such a thing.

He was outside on his porch smoking when I decided to share my new found knowledge. I just knew that Joe would immediately crush out his cigarette, throw out his pack and thank me for saving his life. So, I stated very clearly and authoritatively, “The Surgeon General has determined that smoking cigarettes can be hazardous to your health.”

Well, Joe didn’t stop smoking and he didn’t thank me. Instead he said, “Shut up little girl.” I was devastated and ran inside, too embarrassed to tell my parents. I avoided Joe after that.

My point (and I do have one) is this: Your boss’s wife either already knows or she doesn’t want to know. You telling her is going to accomplish what? She won’t hug you and say, “Oh, thank you for telling me! I will now fire the incompetent HR manager and her dingbat assistant! Then I will leave my husband and start on the life I’ve always dreamed of, shoveling elephant poop in Arkansas!” She will say the equivalent of “shut up little girl” and go on with her life.

Your only purpose in blabbing would be to make you feel justified in leaving and to fulfill that inner desire to gossip. Let it go. How do you know this anyway? Can you really be sure that’s going on? If the office gossip has gotten to you, it’s gotten to her.

Go to your new job and leave the old one behind.

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4 thoughts on “What Is Your Purpose?

  1. Channeling Dr. Laura today? 🙂

    As Evil says. You know the ship is sinking. Be grateful you got off before the iceberg rips a hole in the side.

  2. Aside from the normal sound advice you ALWAYS give…. I just LOVE the pithy delivery. I do have to ask, how on earth did you come up with the elephant poop reference? It’s simply priceless!

  3. I know someone who went to the Elephant place on her honeymoon! Totally warped, if you ask me.

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