10 thoughts on “And Now a Brief Political Break

  1. Anonymous, most English instructors are willing to overlook grammatical foibles in favor of particularly witty or interesting content. I would argue that this text qualifies for just such an exception. History profs on the other hand…

  2. As long as we’re talking grammar, my pet peeve is “them.” Only one person can be president so it should be “whoever’s running with him.”

    I realize that has fallen out of fashion because “him” doesn’t sound very inclusive–even though the masculine used to represent both genders. So, unless Hillary would never be who you hate least, I would suggest “Whoever’s running with him/her.”

    I may have to buy a t-shirt.

  3. I’ve never voted FOR anyone…I’ve always voted AGAINST the candidate I hated the most. It’s kind of sad.

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