I got tagged by William the Coroner. I normally don’t play tag, but he said I was “hysterical.” I am assuming he means that as “funny” and not as “some freaky crazy lady”. Since I’m a sucker for compliments, I’ll play his silly game, which is to list 6 habits/quirks/things about me and tag others. I draw the line at tagging others, but I’ll list 6 quirks.

1. Brownies have to be made in a plastic bowl and mixed with a wooden spoon. There is no other way to make brownies and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.

2. If you want to talk to me about you favorite presidential candidate, I’m happy to have a conversation. If you just forward me and 42 of your closest friends things about said candidate, I will delete your e-mail and be less inclined to listen to you in the future.

3. I really like the song “Total Eclipse of the Heart”, but this video totally freaks me out. What were they thinking?

4. And speaking of music, my husband and I are in a battle to win over the musical tastes of the offspring. I’ve been dosing her with Broadway Musicals and Billy Joel and he’s been trying Lynyrd Skynyrd and Metallica. I feel confident that I am winning.

5. Pantihose and pregnancy do not mix. Therefore, if I’m in a dress, I’m wearing socks.

6. I’m an e-mail addict and I have no desire to seek help for my addiction.

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5 thoughts on “Me

  1. I sure hope you win the musical battle! 🙂

    When I was pregnant I was required to wear pantyhose (military uniform) and a friend gave a great hint. Buy the large lady sizes, that have derriere shaping/gusset, and turn them around! That puts the bump shaping at the front right where you need it! It works and is really comfortable. Well, as comfortable as it’s possible to be when wearing pantyhose!

  2. Ok, I admit to being a child of the 80’s but a child who didn’t have cable. So is that the real video to this song? Because that is just psycho.

  3. make her well-rounded! i’m all for broadway musicals *and* metallica!

    and i admire a woman who can admit, and embrace, her addictions!

    all the best!

  4. Apparently, I’m blasphemous. I only make brownies in a glass bowl. I don’t think I even own a plastic bowl large enough!

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