Right now I’m so busy I haven’t even been regularly checking my e-mail (and for those of you in the know, you know I’m an e-mail addict, so that is something). I haven’t been writing posts lately either. I swear my life will calm down in the near future (ha!), and I’ll get back to regular posting.

However, I got an e-mail about a site called Not Hired and I decided to click. (This is unusual behavior for me, I must say. Usually, those e-mails get deleted. Just a warning for those of you who are thinking, “hey, I’ll increase my hit count by spamming everyone I know!”)

Anyway, I do love it. They’ve collected ads from people wanting jobs. Here are some favorites.

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7 thoughts on “Not Hired

  1. Thanks for pointing this out. Not Hired is a great site. I run courses on interviewing skills – for interviewees not interviewers. I think I’ll include some of the stuff from Not Hired in our “How Not to Do It” section. It will certainly add more humour to the day.

  2. What a great site. My boss and I spent some time looking it over. We have tons of stuff I could contribute!

    My fav because we use Craigslist religiously for our job postings: “I don’t know Craig personally, but a friend told me about his list and I saw your job on there.”

  3. It has potential but it needs help. Picking on the craigslist unfortunates is funny but sad. It’s a lot more entertaining to pick on the white collar duds who send in over the top resumes and cover letters. Once they get those going, it should be a hit. Will be interesting to check back in a few months.

  4. Great site! The sad part is when some of these duds are actually hired and you’re the one in charge of the training.

  5. Awesome find! Thank you for sharing this. My tech writing students will be find this listed as “required reading” on their syllabi. 🙂 Hopefully, as they are giggling they will also be thinking that they don’t want ME posting THEIR crap to the site and find the motivation to actually proofread. I propose that we dedicate a section of the site entirely to stupid cliches then we can think outside the box with a real paradigm shift and focus on the bottom line and organic formation… gah!

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