18 thoughts on “I Wonder Why The Other Mothers At The Park Are Avoiding Me

  1. Hilarious! I want one that says “My Mommy has better work/life balance than your Mommy.”

  2. Luv it! How about “my mommy can fire your daddy for reading porn at work” (ha!)

  3. so W-R-O-N-G……

    Although the last one I had was the CIO (you’d think they would know how to hide it…wouldn’t ya?)

  4. LOL! Now you just need the sibling with the t-shirt that reads “..and your daddy too”.

  5. Adorable baby, but I just spit Diet Coke across the room. Did it a second time when I read Levit’s comment. You could warn a person when you have something this adorable and hysterical on the blog at the same time!

  6. I need that.

    No really…I have four deductions and one of them is the perfect age for this!

  7. How adorable!! And the shirt is cute, too!

    See? It’s shirts like these that put the “Evil” in “Evil HR Lady.”

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