Some Good E-mail Advice

There are somethings you should never put in an e-mail. Death by Email gives us a list. Some samples:

Is this actually legal?
We’re going to do this differently than normal.

All of us HR types need to be aware of these things.

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3 thoughts on “Some Good E-mail Advice

  1. I agree, but I’d also add that I make it a policy that if I won’t put it into email, I’ll refrain from saying it, too.

    I’m guessing that you can’t plan on doing anything differently because you don’t want to be seen as being unfair.

    I think that this is reasonable. However, I have seen this attitude from people all the time, and it drives me crazy when there is clearly a reason for doing things differently. I mean, when common sense permits, I think people should use it.

  2. I’ve got more….

    1. Destroy all of the documents.
    2. Let me know if you hear anything from our informant at the Union meeting.

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