So, you are all wondering, what in the heck is she doing? Just sitting around and eating chocolate? Where are the posts?

Well, I am sitting around and eating chocolate. But, the reason for the lack of posting is that I blew up my computer.

Yes, smoke was coming out of the back. Yippee. Normally I would borrow my husband’s computer, but he was on a business trip to New Jersey, of all places. Sigh.

My computer will (hopefully) be functional tonight. (I’m using my husband’s right now.) Let’s hear it for super-friendly-computer-savy computer people from church, who when he heard about my plight came over and volunteered to attempt to fix it. (He said if he’s attempt doesn’t work, then I would be wise to just buy a new computer as the cost to fix it would be more money than it would be worth.) I just have to say that this experience just adds to my opinion that the people of Switzerland are just so incredibly friendly.

Of course, I still don’t know what people are saying to me 90% of the time, so for all I know they could be insulting my hair style, but they do it in a nice tone and with a smile, so I presume niceness all around.

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6 thoughts on “Kaboom!

  1. And isn’t the perspective of having one’s hairstyle insulted by Heidi enormously amusing anyway? Particularly if it is done smiling.

  2. The cost of fixing your computer really depends on how old it is and what is wrong with it. It may be a 30 dollar fix, or it could be a 700 dollar fix (is it Francs, or Euro in Switzerland?).

    However, nothing is quite as pleasant as tearing into the packaging of a new computer. Splurge!

  3. Mm…swiss chocolate…what was that you said about your computer? I didn’t hear over the eating…

  4. Evil HR Lady, I just came across your blog. I have never blogged before, but I have to say…Thank you! Your insight is refreshing and in my opinion, as another Evil HR lady…right on the mark! Thanks for the laughs.

    And, chocolate trumps everything.

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