See What Happens When You Try to Cross US?


Just do what the nice HR lady says, or you may find yourself being cast into the fiery pit.

Just a fair warning.

(This is actually another Swiss culture moment. We attended Chienbaese in a town called Liestal. They burn huge piles of wood and drag them through the streets. First, they spread confetti everywhere. What could possibly go wrong with paper covered streets, fire filled wagons, and drunk people? It was awesome.)

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4 thoughts on “See What Happens When You Try to Cross US?

  1. Fire, paper, drinking? Those Swiss know how to celebrate…no wonder they invented raclette and fondue!!

    I will always do exactly what the HR lady says…just sign me…

    — Obedient

  2. For some reason, I first read that as "…they spread spaghetti everywhere.."

    Hmm…Must be lunchtime. 😉

    Fun post, BTW!

  3. It just shows what small destructive minds can do when they forget their own susceptibility.
    When I was a rebellious teenager, thinking i was invincible, in control of everyones lives, my Grandfather took his Chinese AK47, pointed it at my head, and dry-fired it. His point was simple: every day, regardless of how powerful I thought I was, I was always at the mercy of another citizen. And he reminded me that although my skull was thick, the right sized bullet would penetrate it: I wasn't immune. The moral of the story? There is a rightful place for respect and humility in society–even the business world. At least that's what Confucious had taught him in the book. Maybe HR peoples should read that book for "re education".

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