Change is good for the soul

I’ve made some changes recently. First, I have a new new e-mail address. It’s now.

Second, I feel a bit like Dobby, the house elf. You see, I’ll be wanting paying for my work now. (Plus, my socks don’t always match.) As such, I’m now on the BNET.Com career site. And they give me actual money. Weird, I know.

I promise not to have sold out, although if you start noticing me making references to how much I love CBS television shows, you should call me on it. CBS may be the parent company for BNET, but I’m still in Switzerland and, therefore, don’t have CBS. And if I did, it would be in German, which just loses something. Although, I do have to say, the Simpsons are just as funny in German, if not more so. But, that’s not a CBS show, so I think I’m not too sycophantic.

Never fear, I’ll post links here, and I’ll still keep some unique EHRL content here. But, it gives you one more place to warm your cold little HR hearts.

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15 thoughts on “Change is good for the soul

  1. Congrats Suzanne, I'll follow you at BNET, Hogwarts, or where ever else you decide to go!

  2. Thanks Lisa. Do you think I could get into Hogwarts? That would be so awesome. Curse my muggle parents!

  3. Thanks HR Minion and Kerry. Although, if I buy too much more Swiss chocolate, I'll need to buy new pants to go with it. And, they aren't paying me that much money.

  4. Hooray! Well deserved. (Now bring me over there with you…. Just kidding.) Seriously, congratulations!

  5. I can understand wanting to be paid for your work, but I can't understand how to get an RSS feed of just your entries from there!

  6. Anonymous: Suzanne will have her own rss feed at BNET soon. For now her posts are mixed in with a few other writers. She'll post an update here when this change takes place.

    Karen Steen
    Senior Editor
    CBS Interactive
    (Yes, Evil HR Lady's boss! How's that for a title?)

  7. Crud. My boss founds out that I blog. I should write Ask A Manager and ask what to do about that. :>)

  8. Anything we can do as readers to increase your take? Click on the Recommend button? Send Thin Mints to Karen? Email your post to others?

  9. 1. I saw you over at Overlawyered and it made me think to drop by here. 2. Is the Simpson's funnier because you don't fully understand German or that the voices don't quite match up?

  10. Doug,

    Excellent question. Probably because I don't fully understand German.

    And I love Overlawyered. Did you come over because you saw my comment on that stupid salt thing? The people who thought that up should be sentenced to a life without salt.

  11. Guess this means you're not anonymous anymore 😉 Congrats! I enjoy your blog and you definitely deserve the dough.

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