How to Work for a Younger Manager

What do you do when your co-workers and boss are all younger than you? If you’re not fitting in, it might be culture, not strictly age, that’s getting in they way.

I give you some suggestions over at BNET. Go read, comment and recommend it. Plus, isn’t the picture cute? I wonder whose darling little boy that is.

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17 thoughts on “How to Work for a Younger Manager

  1. I'm sad to see the increasingly more "post" like this.
    Thank You for the great insights you've shared with us in the past. I'm gonna miss this blog.

  2. You don't have to miss it! Evil HR Lady is not going anywhere. Well, I'm mostly writing at BNET, but will always post about it over here.

  3. Unfortunately, I have to agree with Csaba. I don't want to have to click through a blog post to another link every time. I have limited time to catch up on RSS feeds as is it, and clicking through to an external site is just one extra step I don't need.

    I understand your BNET work is paid, and everyone has to make a living. (I freelance, so I'm especially sympathetic.) However, with limited time, I'll have to find other HR bloggers who put real content directly on their blogs.

    This blog has been very helpful reading over the years. Many thanks for sharing your wisdom!

  4. Im a HR student in Argentina. Great post, its a new and usefull perspective. Thanks!

  5. I must reluctantly say I understand how the other posters feel, EHRL — Your site is starting to feel like an advertising bait-and-switch.

    I wouldn't have any problem with just switching to BNET to continue receiving your great posts, but there is no direct link to *you*, just a generic HR "career advice" feed that you frequently post on — Not what I want.

    Can you post full copies here, as well as on BNET? (I suspect not.)

    I'm very open to a creative solution here, but too many posts of "Hey, check out this other blog for more information about X" are starting to sour my interest here.

    Any ideas on how to "make it better"?

  6. Ooops, almost forgot one of the really big reasons I haven't moved over to Bnet — The amount of informaion required to register.

    I already *have* a Google account, so that's easy.

    Bnet wants not only my email address (which I guard jealously, for I loathe spam), but also wants my physical address and phone number, as well. (These fields are listed as *required*.)

    Sorry, but as much as I like reading you, I'm not giving up my physical address and phone to be able to continue participating here.


  7. I too do not like going over to BNET. Mostly because when I click the link or try to go straight to the BNET main site, it hangs up my browser for 15 minutes trying to load and then it times out. 🙁

  8. It doesn't bother me to click on the link. I mean.. I go to the EHRL website and it is 1 more click. It takes me approximately 2 seconds.

  9. It doens't bother me much, because you can read the content without signing up for BNET.

  10. I have the same problem as anon@3:55–I can click directly through, but when I try go through a bookmark BNET my browser hangs up every time.

  11. I am not bothered at all either, just wanted to say this. Surfing the web IS clicking from link to another – it's just one more click 🙂

    I'm a loyal fan of EHRL – wherever she blogs, I'll follow! 🙂

  12. Great picture. I think that your tips would certainly aid in dealing with a younger manager. For me, I don't care about your age… are you capable and qualified? That's what I am looking for.

  13. I have worked for 33 years. Almost everyone I work for is younger. I have learned not to care. If I don't care either do they. If they care then I am in the wrong place. if I care then I am in the wrong place (inside my head).

  14. Twitchh,
    I'd submit to you that everything you type in a line marked *REQUIRED doesn't… uh… have to be the Scout's Honor Truth.

    Do you give the checkout dude at Home Depot your real home phone? Heck no, you give them your old boss's direct line!

    For addresses, I'd recommend Graceland, Capitol Records, or 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., for starters.

    And EHRL, don't sweat doing 'look through' posts. They are what they are, and aren't particularly bothersome.

    Basically I'm saying I respect your day job.

  15. I just wish bnet would load faster. Like most of the Corporate Journalism Web, it takes 2-5 times as long to load as any non-photo "regular" blog that I read. Since I'm on dial-up this makes it noticeably slow, like read-some-other-page-or-two-while-waiting-for-this-one-to-load-and-hope-it'll-have-the-text-up-by-then slow. I went on an AdBlock Rampage and blocked all of the scripts that didn't seem to be important to actually getting the content, which helped a little, but it's still a substantial increase in load time.

  16. Hey,
    This is one of the common thing that the young people encounter with.
    The problem is not at one end,its on both the ends.
    The thins is that young managers comes with there modern knowledge and little experience try impose this on the old or on there seniors, and due to which the ego of the seniors hurts and they come up with this argument that,what do you know about this things.Due to which a gap increases between the seniors and the young people.
    I think that if the young peo;e respect there senior and try to learn from them and the seniors give them some room to explain there point of view,in this format combination of two approaches robust the impact

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