My Boss is a Rageaholic

I’m a manager at my small company. Above me is our Chief Operating Officer (COO) and then the owner. I love my job and everyone I work with and really want to stay. It would be a great place to work if it weren’t for the COO. The main issue is that he’s a rageaholic. On a daily basis he “loses it” and yells and does things like call everyone into a meeting to call them stupid. We work under brutal deadlines and more than once I’ve asked my team to work until late in the evening, only to have him call them “idiots” and “morons” the next day. Morale in the office is zero and turnover is very high.

The other issues stemming from his anger problems are that he has made a couple key decisions that went against the advice of everyone on those projects, and which set back the projects, sometimes by months. In all of these cases, the customer has even said that they have no interest in his idea, and yet he ties up huge resources to try to prove that his idea can work. We know that at least one of our major customers is actively looking for a new supplier because of his behavior.

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2 thoughts on “My Boss is a Rageaholic

  1. Situations like this really point to the need for workplace bullying laws. There's no good answer that EHRL can give, and they all involve either continuing to be subjected to abuse at work, or losing their job and associated healthcare benefits and the like.

  2. Move to Ontario (Canada) where starting tomorrow (June 15) there is a new occupational health and safety act (Bill 168) which protects employees from workplace violence and workplace harassment.

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