My HR Manager is a Nightmare

What do you do when your HR manager hates you and prevents you from moving forward with your career? First, stop blaming her. Evil HR Lady tells you why.

My HR Manager is a Nightmare

Photo by Geishaboy500, Flickr cc 2.0

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One thought on “My HR Manager is a Nightmare

  1. HR is a nightmare. It is vicious and evil. It is an anti-profession predicated upon junk science.

    American society's policy of facing every qualified job applicant with a personality critic and life evaluator is an extraordinarily rude way of conducting business in the first place. It is a message of hatred from people who earn their support to people who desire to do so.

    The sole reason why the job selection process does not tarnish the public perception of each business is the fact that HR practices have become a norm.

    If only the majority of HR associates were not so adept at profiling other people and commanding them around, they, themselves, might be good for nothing.

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