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I have a manager, who for 6 quarters, did not deliver on his sales targets. He gets away with it by shifting blame on team members and wrong customer account selection. After missing his first 3 quarters, he blamed it on team and almost got an entirely new team on board. Now with new team he on board, he is still not delivering on his sales targets. Now he blames it on wrong account selection. How can one expose this behavior to senior execs in the business, as this individual has wrecked havoc in other good sales people by managing them out of the company. Any suggestions on how to approach such a situation would be welcomed.

My Manager is a Failure

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4 thoughts on “My Manager is a Failure

  1. It sounds like you're dealing with a sociopath. These people are very adept at ingratiating themselves with the right people and of making other people take the fall for their failures. As you say, they wreak havoc in the workplace. Psychologists estimate that 4% of people fall into this category.

    The only way to deal with them is to get rid of them, but that's easier said than done, as they're very slippery, and very good at making senior people think that others are the problem. Usually no one is aware of the nature of their conduct except the people who are taking the fall for them.

  2. @Harris – From the description given, this individual doesn't have anywhere near the needed markers to make a jump like that, even as a possibility.

    Most employees make excuses when things fail, particularly bad employees. If an "A" player has a bad team or gets the wrong accounts, they'll change their situation. They'll fix it, or leave. It is likely this person just bad at what they do (poor performance, poor leadership skills, or poor effort), and does not have the professional skills, contacts, or awareness to fix their situation. Thus, they are likely just bad at their job, and can't get a better one.

    A good employee will work to find what is needed to improve their situation, and accept responsibility for their failures, even those they aren't directly responsible for causing.

  3. Associates of mine have had to deal with similar situations in at their jobs also. But, luckily for them there company recently employed a professional employer organization and the PEO revamped the company into a more efficient working envirnment. The peo just simply did managment training and kept a more structured and detailed working env so blame from one person mistake could not be put onto another.

    Also i think that your boss may have been spoiled with this process and now that he knows he can slack off and pass onto others thats working to his benefit. So i suggest possibly looking into a PEO or going to your HR department and state your case there.

  4. I am a General Manager of a company and just figure out why People don't like the HR Departments neither HR Employees.
    Thanks for the nice post
    RTM Group

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