Resume Angst: Should I Include Short-Term, Unrelated Positions?

Dear Evil HR Lady,

I lost my job over a year ago. It paid very well and since then I have jumped around to about 4 different jobs trying to find a good fit and reasonable pay. Most of the jobs were beneath my skill level but I needed to earn more than unemployment so I took them. I finally landed an interview with a job that is comparable to my lost job in qualifications and pay, as well as skill level. Should I disclose all my past employers on the new application? Will any be found on a background check if they were less then a few months? In my past I had a very stable job history- worked at a company for over 10 years then the one that laid me off was 2 years. It was only the last year that I did not have stability. Can you offer me any advice as to how to handle this?

Resume Angst: Should I Include Short-Term, Unrelated Positions?

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4 thoughts on “Resume Angst: Should I Include Short-Term, Unrelated Positions?

  1. I would like to advice you to go with your previous resume I think it will work……


  2. HR people hate gaps on CVs. I always remember my first HR boss telling me never to interview anyone who had a gap on their CV timeline, as 'they were most probably in prison'… I kid you not!
    I would suggest you just say 'various temporary positions while conducting job search' and give the time period. That way it gets minimized on your resumé- but you have not misled anyone.

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